7 Practical Steps to Preventing Disease with Acupuncture

It has often been said that acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in general is a preventative form of medicine. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people only seek out help when they are in pain. Whether you are in pain now or are seeking better health in general, here are 7 tips to help you get started.

  1. LOCATE a practitioner near you.
  2. Give them a CALL, interview them, and make sure they are a good fit for you.
  3. VISIT your practitioner a few times, at least. The first visit is usually long, perhaps an hour or more. We like to get all the information before making a diagnosis.
  4. Get Acupuncture as often as they suggest. You may have a talk with them about your financial constraints, if any. It is your practitioner’s goal to get you well as quickly as possible.
  5. My belief is that acupuncture, herbs, and dietary therapies exist to help you make the transition from imbalance to well-being both possible and comfortable. Take your time, change a few things, and stick with it. Be nice to yourself not only in committing to your own well-being, but also in allowing yourself to progress imperfectly, to be human, to make mistakes.
  6. Work with them until you feel you have hit a PLATEAU. After achieving a new level of health, it’s time to talk about your progress and where you want to go next.
  7. At some point, you may experience total well-being; you might feel that you are functioning optimally. In that case, to prevent illness, return to the practitioner on a seasonal or other basis (for example, if you are a teacher, you might want to return right before school starts to make sure the new stress doesn’t knock you down. Just before the Holidays is another time to get in good shape to prevent vulnerability to stress and dietary excess).

I hope this helps and I wish you all good health!

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