Christopher's Path

Born and educated in the United States, Christopher Garbrecht was living in Japan teaching English when he hurt his back playing tennis.

I figured that since I was in Japan, I might as well try a more traditional approach to healing myself.

His back pain was much better after two treatments. It was this acupuncture experience, as well as another one on a trip to Thailand, that opened his eyes to the possibility of an alternative approach to pain, healing, and medicine.

I’m naturally quite skeptical about different healing therapies, but after trying it I was amazed at how quickly I got better and how long-lasting the effects were.

He returned to Montreal and immediately enrolled in the acupuncture program at Collège de Rosemont.

Christopher’s insatiable curiosity has led him to continually research new approaches and techniques to better serve his patients and improve his practice.

One of the things I love about acupuncture is that you never stop learning. The possibilities with acupuncture techniques and styles are as infinite as the body is beautiful and complex. It’s very inspiring.

Christopher’s goal has always been to provide the highest quality care for each and every patient with the best results as quickly as possible.

Here is a list of continuing education seminars and workshops that he has attended.

October 2013 – Seminar on the Master Tung’s system of acupuncture with Michael Chung. Master Tung practiced a unique style of acupuncture, a family heritage passed from generation to generation since the Han dynasty. This style of acupuncture is surprising by its quick effect and its extreme efficiency in the treatment of all sorts of pathologies. Master Tung’s system of acupuncture uses 740 points, which are called the Tung Family points. These points are often found on the 14 meridians, but also separate from these meridians. Montreal, Qc.

Spring 2013 – Seminars on Japanese acupuncture techniques according to the applications of Kiiko Matsumoto, level 2 with Alice Granger. The Japanese system of acupuncture distinguishes itself from the Chinese approach by the use of more palpation, reflex zones in the abdomen, and the use of finer needles. This system if very effective for reinforcing the immune system, headaches, gynecological problems, as well as, pain in general. Montreal, Qc.

Fall 2011 – Initiation in Japanese methods of acupuncture, level 1 with Alice Granger. Montreal, Qc.

October 2010 – Post-congress seminar: The eight extraordinary meridians and their eight key points with Élisabeth Rochat de la Vallée. This workshop focused on the presentation of the extraordinary meridians from several ancient texts, and an analysis of their purpose as reservoirs of qi and blood within the body. Laval, Qc.

July 2010 – April 2014 – mentored by and worked with Mr. Jacques Hébert who has practiced acupuncture since 1974. The therapeutic approach of Mr. Hébert combines knowledge of Japanese-style acupuncture, which uses more palpation of the body, with knowledge of Chinese-style acupuncture, especially Master Tung. St. Jerome, Qc.

May 2009 – graduated from the acupuncture program at Collège de Rosemont. Montreal, Qc.

Member of the Professional Order of Acupuncturists of Quebec

Christopher Garbretch - portrait
Christopher Garbrecht - acupuncturist Member of the Professional Order of Acupuncturists of Quebec

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