Wow! I thought last year was bad for colds and the flu, but it’s either a case of selective memory or this year has been even worse. I guess I should clarify because I have seen many sick patients this winter and it is not the severity of the symptoms that has been the problem; it’s been the lengthy duration of the symptoms. Quite a few people have come to see me this winter unable to completely get rid of their cough or running nose or need to clear their throat that has lasted three weeks or more! They’ve tried all sorts of home-remedies, tinctures, drops, etc. and nothing seems to work.

There can be any number of reasons to explain why a person’s cold doesn’t ggirl-with-flu.jpgo away quickly. Perhaps the bacteria and viruses are stronger than normal this year. Often a particular person’s immune system has been weakened excessively due to stress, over-work, or a bit too much holiday cheer. This year, the cold temperatures have placed a severe stress on our immune systems and lungs especially which makes it that much harder to recuperate.

Generally, after 1 to 3 treatments of acupuncture, the symptoms are gone with these types of patients.

Acupuncture is often quite miraculous towards the end of a cold, when the body is sometimes too weak to completely heal itself.

The immune system is an incredible system of protection for the body against all sorts of foreign pathogens, but sometimes it just needs a friendly nudge in the right direction so that it works at its optimum potential. Acupuncture works to safely boost the immune system, as well as the general energy of the body, so that it has that extra little bit of energy to finally get rid of all the symptoms of cold or the flu. There are no side-effects except for an extremely calm feeling after the treatment, and often better sleep and energy. So the next time you have trouble getting rid of that nagging cold think about acupuncture and give it a try.

Looking out the window at the snow falling as I write this, it is hard to believe that spring will soon be here, but I would still like to remind my friendly readers about the importance of spring tune-ups with acupuncture. After an especially hard winter this year, it is important to make sure that our bodies are able to work at their full capacity as the temperatures rise and we are more active. Spring tune-ups are for anyone and everyone, but especially important for people who tend to get depressed or are less active during the winter, or for people who often get sick between seasons as the temperatures fluctuate. 1 or 2 treatments can make a big difference in your mood, energy, and general health. It’s best to schedule your spring tune-up around the 1st to the 15th of April.

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