The fall colors have come and gone. It’s such a fleeting time, which is why I guess it makes it that much more special and poignant. Fall is the time when we prepare for winter. We rake up all the leaves and clean out the gutters. We take down the screens and wash the windows. We do all the little things to better insulate our houses from the harsh cold of winter. We stack the wood and clean out the chimney. We check the car and change the tires and oil.

We do all of these things for our possessions, but the question is what do we do to prepare ourselves for the coming winter?

Obviously, the best ways are to eat well, sleep well, and get daily exercise despite the weather. The fall can easily be the time of year when we are a bit less active as we await the first snow and the ice rink to harden up. Yet going out for a walk, a jog, swimming, spinning, or yoga are all excellent ways to keep the immune system at its best.

We all know the cold and flu season goes into full swing at the end of fall and throughout the winter, so keeping the immune system in top shape is primordial. This means managing stress through meditation, yoga, or just laughing and talking with friends. Most everyone seems to have their own best remedy for preventing colds whether it is taking echinacea, reishi mushrooms, or oregano oil. If you do take supplements or herbs, remember to start early in the season before you have a cold and to take them daily. It’s all about prevention.

With acupuncture, two or three treatments to help with the changing of the seasons in the fall can really help to give the immune system a boost, reduce stress, and prepare the body for the approaching winter and all the bugs and viruses out there. It is especially important for anyone who consistently gets colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, or pneumonia. Don’t wait until you’re already sick, waiting at the doctor’s office, and taking antibiotics. A little prevention goes a long way!

Be well and stay healthy.

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