As I explained in the previous article, it is very important to look closely at yourself and any possible factors that could explain your tiredness. This will help in finding a solution much quicker. Please keep in mind that the tiredness explained in this article is not a little ‘I didn’t sleep too well last night’, but a deep and profound lack of energy.

Tiredness often follows the major life stages, such as puberty, childbirth and menopause.

This is not only because of the hormonal changes at these important times, but also because of difficulties in adapting to the new role presented to the Menopause-symptoms-in-womenperson. For example, women at menopause may suffer from both tiredness and depression. They may feel that they are becoming old and grey and physically unattractive, and may find it difficult to adapt to the changes within themselves and their lives. Meditation exercises that develop a sense of inner beauty and strength can be most helpful for this type of case.

Childbirth is often followed by severe tiredness and depression, especially when the mother has not completely recovered from a previous childbirth and has lost a lot of sleep with the first child. The difficulty of the pregnancy and sex_after_baby_4_too_tired_18i646g-18i646vthe birth can also be major factors, as well as the temperament of the baby. A mother must give a lot of energy in order to feed and take care of her baby twenty-four hours a day. Depending on the amount of support she has from her partner and family, this can be a very difficult time both emotionally and physically. It is important that the mother has a nourishing diet, and as much sleep and help with the baby as possible.

Another possible avenue to look into when searching for possible causes of tiredness is psychological disorders. Everyone has potential or minor imbalances in their psychological make-up. Under sufficient pressure, such as from work, family, money, etc., these imbalances can turn into minor or major psychological disorders. Possible disorders might include, anxiety, depression, manic depression, schizophrenia and so on. All these disorders often include tiredness as a major component of their symptoms. This is why it is so important to have a friend, family member, and/or a therapist to talk to and share with during difficult times in our lives.

A very important factor to look into with anyone who is feeling tired is the potential for physical illness.

Obviously if someone already knows they have chronic pain, hypothyroidism, diabetes, cancer and many other physical conditions, it is easy to deduce why they are feeling tired. However, if someone is extremely tired and cannot find any possible cause, such as those explained in this and the previous article, it is very important to seek medical help and run tests in order to rule out a physical problem as being the cause.

A real lack of energy doesn’t just happen, except perhaps in very elderly people, it is a sign that something in our body or mind is not working 100%.

I hope this article gives you a few more ideas on where to look to help you maximize your energy!

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