Having a baby is one of the greatest gifts of life. Becoming pregnant, carrying the baby to term, delivering, and welcoming this new being are all incredible steps on the path of maternity. Many challenges can occur during this journey, so it is important that the future mother has a good ability to adapt. Certain women images-1.jpghave a serene pregnancy, deliver the baby without any difficulties, and start their family life easily. On the other hand, certain women have many difficulties, complications, or problems during the pregnancy, during the delivery, or even during the first weeks after the birth.

Acupuncture can be a very important tool during a pregnancy. It can never replace a doctor or a mid-wife, but it can be another helpful therapy to deal with a wide variety of problems.

Acupuncture can help from conception to breast-feeding.

Here is a list of frequent problems that pregnant women consult an acupuncturist for:

  • problems images-3.jpgconceiving
  • nausea and vomiting
  • fatigue
  • weak immune system
  • turning a breech baby
  • back and sciatica pains
  • gastric reflux
  • constipation
  • heavy and swollen legs
  • preparing for the delivery
  • triggering the delivery
  • problems nursing
  • breast problems
  • baby blues

The World Health Organization officially recognizes the effectiveness of acupuncture for many of these problems.

An acupuncturist can be a huge ally throughout the entire pregnancy, but they also know their limits and are conscious of this fact. Therefore, an acupuncturist should be able to help with any questions and be able to refer you to the appropriate professional service.

As there are no contraindications with acupuncture, it is a safe and secure alternative for pregnant women and their babies. Women who breast-feed are often restricted in their ability to use certain medications. This is where acupuncture can be a big help in treating many types of problems with no toxic substances.

The frequency of treacupuncture-and-pregnancy.pngatments varies according to how the pregnancy is progressing and the type of problem being treated. At the end of the pregnancy, the treatments are closer together in order to prepare the perineum and the maturing of the cervix. At the very end of the pregnancy, acupuncture can help to start the birthing process in order to not have an artificial induction. One of my favorite personal experiences with acupuncture was helping a woman trigger her birth the very same day that she was scheduled to have her labor induced. Being able to have her and her baby start their lives together without chemicals makes me very happy indeed.

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